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  • Richmond Educational Article of the Month - Do bats chew on wires?

Do bats chew on wires?

Do bats chew on wires?

For many people, having bats around their homes will not lead to any problem but for others, it can be a reason of worrying especially when they are not wanted in your home, inside the wall of the home or in the attic. Contrary to other Richmond rodents, the bats have only small teeth that are used to eat insects and they are not going to gnaw into the holes in the walls, to chew on the electrical wiring or the shred the materials for the nests. Most of the time, the damage that may be caused by the bats is minimal but the bats can be alarming and noisy. The accumulation of the dropping may fall through the cracks and they can stain the walls and the ceilings. The insects that are associated with the Virginia bat droppings; most of the time they do not bother the humans. The dropping is normally a small size like the grain of the rice, it can be crumbled with fingers and it has a undigested and shiny bits of the insects.

Excluding the bats is the best way that you can get rid of the bats. It is a humanely thing to do to exclude the Richmond bats but this can be something hard since the buildings may have different entry points and it can be impossible to exclude all the bats successfully. The people who have cedar or shake shingle roof, they may be having the underlayment.

A wildlife damage control that has experience when it comes to excluding the Virginia bats may be hired or you may also do the exclusion job on your won. If the bats have been roosting in your attic for many years, it may be safe to call a Virginia professional to do this job for you and this also includes the cleanup of the droppings. You should never try to trap the flightless young and adult bats inside the home since this is cruel to the bats and it may lead to serious odor problem. Trapping to relocate the bats, it may not be the best option in all occasions. When the bats are not unattended to for a long period, they may be overcrowded in the trap.

Another problem is that the Richmond bats have the best homing instincts and if you release them, they will return to their old nesting area. Before you decide to exclude the bats, you should partition the bats off the place where you live or where they can be in the conflict with the humans and let it roost in other areas of a structure where everyone is safe. A good partition may be done using the construction grade plastic sheeting or wooden battens. Another option can be to offer another option for their rooting needs.

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