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  • Richmond Educational Article of the Month - Will a pest control remove a rat?

Will a pest control remove a rat?

Will a pest control remove a rat?

Pest controls are known to conduct shoddy jobs as regards the removal rats from Richmond homes. Their jobs may seem perfect and you may wonder if you will ever need their services again, but alas! Few months later, you will have to call the Richmond pest control because the rats have come back.

There are several reasons why Pest control services are not effective in removal of rats from homes, these include the following:
- They make use of harmful chemicals to get rid of rat temporarily, these chemicals can be hazardous to the indoor areas of homes,and they are dangerous to both humans and pets.
- Chemical treatment is a once-off treatment, thus the rats may return when the strength of the chemical has subsided.
- Trees, Grasses, and shrubs will regrow after a while and these are known to provide cover for rats to get into Richmond homes.

Many Virginia pest control agencies make use of rat repellents, that are known to trigger allergic reactions to both animals and man, even when a little of them are inhaled. Though pest control can provide much better services if they can identify the entry and exit holes used by rats to gain entrance into Virginia homes, but in this case, you may have to pay extra because pest control agencies only remove and disinfect pest nests and colonies, they rarely seal off entry points.

Chemical treatments used by Richmond Pest control organizations are once-off, and the best chemicals are known to last for just few weeks only, to repel rats from their hideouts and prevent them from regaining entrance into homes. Once the strength of repellents have gone down , then the rats may return to create new nests and colonies, except you have done a very thorough inspection to seal off all entry and exit points for Virginia rats in your home. Some chemical treatments may cause some future damages to certain elements, especially those in the attics (including the insulator).

For the fact that trees, grasses and shrubs regrow show that , Virginia pest controls cannot provide a permanent solution to rat infestation. Unless you perform your own inspection, cut all grasses, and tress whenever they are becoming overgrown and make sure you seal off all entry and exit points to ensure rats do not return, then you will always face rat damage issues. Rats can jump from tree branches into your roof and crawl into the attic to start a colony. They also bring foods from within and outside of your home, even from your garden, yard and patio, thus the only way to prevent rats from getting into your home is to make the environment non-conducive for them- this will also save you costs of hiring and re-hiring Richmond pest control agencies.

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